Have your cake and eat it.

At Vanix we believe in building relationships and environments for the future that work today.


Improving student experience

Vanix knows that every University and college is on its own journey towards creating a technology infrastructure that meets the growing and diverse needs of its users.  Today, research and education networks can connect faculty, researchers and students worldwide for projects that require extensive collaboration and transfers of enormous data volumes.

We understand the need for a high-class infrastructure that can offer flexibility, security, mobility and can attract students and improve their experience for whatever applications and devices are managed across the network.

Brocade and Vanix

Brocade and Vanix invest together with the highest partnership accreditations and technical expertise in the marketplace.

We’re proud to work with innovative technology partners with whom we can develop exciting solutions.

It’s hard to impress in an increasingly commoditised IT sector, but with Brocade Vanix is able to combine market-leading fabric and SDN secure networking with flexible plans tailored specifically for the restricted budgets of the educational sector.

Brocade elite partner

We believe you can truly have your cake and eat it. We help institutes invest wisely in the core and campus infrastructure to offer best of both worlds, readying the network for whatever it demands today and tomorrow.

Innovate the Campus Network with Purpose-Built Upgradability
  • Supporting the proliferation of BYOD
  • Meeting the demands of research
  • Transitioning to a digital curriculum and e-learning
  • Improving collaboration with social media
Inspire students and empower learning

As students choose new approaches that utilise devices, the delivery of course material will need to change to adapt and keep pace with students’ behaviour. Course materials are being delivered digitally, assignments are being set away from the classroom, and even libraries are providing access to research information via their websites. Learn how Brocade’s New IP can assist on this journey and evolution.

Smart enterprise network

Smart enterprise network features that can help improve the availability, reliability and coverage, as well as manage ability and security of wired and wireless campus LANs. A high-performance, high-availability wireless architecture can offer an ideal edge solution for delivering virtualised and/or cloud-based services, including video-on-demand, e-learning apps and student portals.

Highly certified via Jisc framework

The new Jisc framework is more available to the education and research sector than ever before, Vanix is the highest awarded partner on the Jisc and Janet frameworks with accreditations across the security, infrastructure, wireless and mobility environments.

Find out more at: https://www.jisc.ac.uk/

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